This is an insightful book, that illustrates ancient Vedantic, wisdom, philosophy and teachings, through beautiful quotes, stories and workable exercises.

Om Swami

Best-selling Author & Monk

An encyclopaedia & treasure box of quotes, stories, & wise words of ancient wisdom.

Dr Radhamohan

Centre Director, Apollo Clinic
MBBS, DCH, DCAH, MBA (Health Care)

This book is insightful, uplifting, & worth its weight in gold! Hooked from page one till the end, there are deep practical teachings of self-growth, peace, & happiness for your life. Loving it.

Kylie Pax

Australia’s Emotional Eating Coach

Author, Willbur Glenn Colaco, shares some beautiful personal stories that will warm your soul & inspire you to see a new enhanced vision for your life. A great collection of ideas, quotes, & stories. Read it today!

Dale Beaumont

Founder & CEO of Business Blueprint